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is just like any other job... it's a JOB.

It takes work to find one, and work to keep it. This site offers tips and advice on how to select an agency and successfully work with them to find and keep a job. Search Jobs -

It can be very easy to get a job through a staffing agency, and it can also be very easy to lose it. Knowing how agencies work is a key factor in being successful.

Once you know what's going on behind the scenes, it's easier to work within the system, and to make sure you're not being taken advantage of. Our article on Working with Staffing Agencies explains all you'll need to know.

Once you're working for them, Temporary Agencies are like any other company: they may give you a second chance, even a third, but eventually if you keep doing things wrong they will not want to work with you. And since many companies today only hire through agencies; it's worth the effort to understand how to work well with your agency.

Why listen to us?

We have 20+ years' experience in the Staffing Industry on both sides of the desk. We've worked as Temps, we've been Recruiters, we've run payroll and budgets. We know what it takes to be successful as a Temporary Employee, and how to tell a good Staffing Agency from a bad one. We're giving you the inside scoop, and there's no reason for us to lie to you.




Quite a bit has already been written about the importance of incorporating social marketing into your job search efforts. Networking can be a key element in not only finding out about job openings, but also landing a great job. That's not what we're going to talk about here, though. This is about appearancess, specifically how you appear online. As with your resume, it is worth the slight inconvenience of having an "employer-friendly" set of profiles, linked to the same email address you use on your resume.

Not everyone needs this, of course, but if your last years' worth of Facebook posts revolve around your drinking or partying habits, or are "off color" in any way, it's worth having both a "fun" profile and a professional one. The same goes for Twitter, and any other sites. Employers, recruiters, and even references in some cases, will more than likely be checking you out online at some point, and it's better to be safe than lose an interview opportunity because you (or your friendds) thought it would be funny to post the pictures from the night you were doing tequila shots in your underwear.

Do a quick check on how you appear online (a simple Google search of your name is often enough), and make any necessary changes. Set up a "clean" profile under your real name, linked to the email you use on your resume. In some cases you may even want to tweak your name or nickname on other sites enough that it won't appear close to your real name in searches. It may seem over-cautious, but employers really do check these things. Be aware.

See "What your agency won't tell you about" for more inside tips.