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Everyone knows the economy isn't what it used to be, and jobs are hard to come by. Working for a Temp agency can be a good thing -- it's a way to get your foot in the door at a company. It can offer flexibility to work when you want. It can provide income while you're looking for "the perfect job." For some people, it's a way to rack up hours in order to get unemployment. It takes all kinds, and temp agencies see all of them.
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There are many ways to find an agency. Googling is fine, but once you know the names of the local agencies, do a little homework. Check them out online. Ask your friends. Ask your relatives. In some cases, a particular company will only hire through a particular agency, and will send you straight to them.

Try to apply at the agency on payday — you'll get to see not just the other people who are applying, but the ones who actually work there, and how the staff deals with them. Talk to the people in the waiting room. Hopefully they did the same research you did to get there, but they may have heard things you didn't.

A word about recruiters: recruiters are going to be very nice to you while they're sending out your resume and trying to find you work. When you're working for them and something goes wrong is when you see what kind of agency/recruiter you're really dealing with. Never forget that they are not your friends — they are making money from your work, and that of everyone else who's working for them. Once you've gotten an assignment, any time they give you is time they're not making more money. Most agencies will try to solve problems as quickly as possible — which is NOT always the way to get the best result for YOU. Keep your eyes open and your wits about you.