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Yes, you need one

No matter what kind of work you do or are applying for, you NEED a resume. Resumes are no longer just for people with "desk jobs." Everyone needs one, and while it doesn't need to be fancy, it does need to provide all the information the agency AND your prospective employer (their client) need to see.

A bad resume is worse than no resume. Recruiters will pass bad ones around the office just to laugh at them. If you're not good with computers, have someone else write or type your resume for you. Do NOT ask the agency to do it - if you do, it's their property, and they generally won't give a copy to you to use, because if you get a job on your own, they make no money. And DON'T try to write your own resume on your own if you're not comfortable with computers, because, again, a bad resume will hurt you more than not having one. You don't have to spend a fortune on having a resume created - there are many cheap resume services out there that are very good, "make your own resume" software or programs, or evenn friends who will do it for a dinner out or something similar. Ask around.

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Proofread your resume. Then use spellcheck. Then proofread it again. Then have a friend proofread it. Typos on your resume will often get it thrown in the "probably not" pile.

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Most people do not even look at this, because everyone has the same ultimate objective: YOU WANT TO BE HIRED. Skip it, and put a "highlights" or "skills" section instead.

Do NOT use a cutesy or off-color email address. "" might be fun to use on dating sites, but a prospective employer doesn't even want to think about your sexual habits. Get a free yahoo or gmail address that is reflective of who you are and does NOT reveal personal information such as your birthday.

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